Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gulls at Essaouira

Gulls at Essaouira 10" x 14"

Here's another one painted plein air in Morocco. I really wanted this one to be about the gulls, there are so many here! The fish sellers throw their scraps on this wall and these are the fattest, fittest looking gulls you've ever seen! Of course it's difficult to paint moving birds. I did also take photos and have started looking at those and sketching some of the shapes of the birds in flight in my sketchbook, which will hopefully be of help next time I am in the same situation.
There are lots of cats living all around the harbour area too, and I'm pleased that one jumped up onto the wall so that I could get it in the painting. It actually rained for about three quarters of an hour while I was doing this one but I carried on, holding an umbrella in my left hand.

Are you free on Thursday June 6th or Sunday June 9th and would you like to come and paint with me at the Patchings festival? We will be painting a still life with cupcakes in acrylics. It's a three hour workshop and the cost is £50. For that you receive over £65 worth of Daler Rowney materials to take away with you, free entrance to the Patchings festival (which is a great day out!) and a cupcake (gift from me!). You can easily book a place online by following this link here - Patchings workshop 2013!

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  1. Well done, Haidee! I think the gulls are just great. And of course, the cat. I so wish I could come and paint cupcakes with you at Patchings. It sounds like a blast.


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