Thursday, April 25, 2013

Exciting exhibition news!

Snow on beach, Sutton-on-sea

I am absolutely thrilled because I've had all three of my entries for this year's Patchings art centre and The Artist magazine's open competition accepted for the exhibition!

The exhibition will take place at Patchings Art Centre from June 6th to July 21st. Of course I am very excited about seeing it!
All three were painted plein air, two snowy ones from a few months ago and one from Morocco last month.

Chicken huts in the snow

Le M├ędina, Essaouira

I am so happy about it you wouldn't believe :-)

I think I'll have a cup of coffee and pain au chocolat to celebrate, and then it's on with the LIST...



  1. Congrats Haidee! I just heard about this event last week (too late to submit, grr!) and bought my entrance ticket for Saturday 8th June, and for Ken's talk. Looking forward to it, and will be nice to see an Essaouira painting in the show!

  2. Well done H - I only got two in (the third was a bit rude though!) Have a great US trip and see you at Patchings if not before.

  3. Congratulations Haidee. I hope you're successful in the judging too.

  4. So happy for you!! well done. Have a great USA trip.

  5. Inspiring, as always! Woo hoo! Keep 'em comin'. :)


Thank you for your words!

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