Sunday, March 4, 2012

Epicerie avec les agapanthes, Bréhat

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Epicerie avec les agapanthes
I haven't been painting all weekend (apart from 20 minutes today!) but here's a plein air oil painting of the Ile de Brehat from last August. The building is the island's epicerie, at the far end of the market place behind the huge stunning bed of agapanthus flowers. I varnished this painting today, and thought you may like to see it! It measures 30 x 20 centimetres, please click the link above to see auction info.
Jo mentioned she liked to see the painting in the context of my studio in the last post, and could she see more of my house?! Well I thought you may like to see how I display the little paintings on my kitchen dresser, along with all the other clutter (!)

Perhaps I should have tidied it for you! I think the paintings look very nice on there though! ;)


  1. Love this photo! Dresser and paintings look great!Love it :-)

  2. I think it looks charming. Our homes are our best galleries.


Thank you for your words!

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