Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A pear of cows

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A pear of cows
I challenged myself to paint the china cow creamer again, but this time I wanted to use broader strokes and really simplify the object. I turned the jug around so that I wouldn't get too distracted by the writing as there isn't any on the other side! Was that cheating?
Another change that I made was to paint from the other side of the table so that I was looking at the objects with the light behind them which did help me to see the jug as a simpler form and I think helped me to create an exciting composition.
I also removed a pear and added another cow...  did you spot it?
Sorry the photo isn't too clear, I had to use my phone as my camera is playing me up! I do love my old iphone but the photo quality doesn't even come close to an iphone 4!
This painting is the same size as yesterday's, 18 x 24cms, oil on canvas panel.
I'm really pleased with this one too, and like it equally as much as yesterday's, even though it took a lot less time to paint! Which do you prefer? I'd really like to know!

Cow creamer with the last pears
A pear of cows
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  1. Really nice painting. I love the cow in shadow, the color is so much richer. The other little cow is a nice surprise too.

  2. Je suis ravie de faire la connaissance de votre blog et de l'ensemble de vos oeuvres...
    Je m'octroierai une prochaine visite...
    Vraiment adorable cette dernière peinture... De très belles nuances de bleus... Une composition intéressante (que ce soit avec une ou deux poires! Vous aviez faim, n'est-ce pas ? Avouez!!! sourire...).
    Gros bisous

  3. The cow creamer with pears is lovely in a way that I would put a pretty plate on my dresser.

    Now the pear of cows has a sort of cheeky look about it, making me wonder what the little cow is thinking about!


Thank you for your words!

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