Monday, November 7, 2011

Cow creamer with the last pears

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Cow creamer with the last pears
These three items I brought back with me from England last week. The pears from our garden were absolutely delicious and these are amongst the last few, a bit past their best now. The cow cream jug is adorable, I used to have it in my little cottage studio, Toad Hall, but I don't remember ever painting it before. I enjoyed spending time on this painting, putting in the details of writing and pattern. As I said yesterday, some things just won't be rushed! I think the resulting painting is quite mellow. I love the chance to include typography in a painting! Having said all that though, I would like to try another painting of the cow creamer but really simplify it this time.
This painting is oil on canvas board 18 x 24cms, and is available to buy now via online auction. To take a look at all my current auctions, click on the link above. Prices are in dollars but there is a currency converter so you can easily see the price in pounds sterling or euros, and if you purchase through paypal they will convert the price for you. This particular painting is on at $120 which is £74.84!
Here's a closer look....

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