Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Roof with a view

New roof with a view

We went to Granada for a couple of days and the second day was really hazy in the afternoon - no strong sunshine or shadows to be had. We walked uphill to the Plaza San Nicolas to overlook the Alhambra palace. The previous afternoon we had painted here while enjoying a fabulous clear view of the palace and the snow topped mountains.

After the uphill walk I needed a little sandwich and recuperation time while I considered what to paint. It was then that my friend Karl Terry called out to me "I've found a great subject Haidee. You're going to love this!".

I did indeed love it! Karl had found these workers laying a new roof against the backdrop of the hills and palace. It even had cypress trees - which I love - and a tree in the foreground covered in Seville oranges. It would have been great to see some rim lighting around the men and the bits and pieces on the roof, but the hazy afternoon light had it's own charm. 

Painting next to Karl

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