Saturday, March 14, 2015

BBC Big Painting Challenge


Have you been watching the BBCs Big Painting Challenge? I've seen lots and lots of criticism of it on Facebook. I'm really enjoying it, and think it's great to get to see some painting on TV instead of cooking and baking and sports.

People feel that the judges have been unduly harsh and should only say positive and kind things to the contestants, but it's a competition not a painting holiday! The judges have to choose which artist to eliminate each week at the end of their painting and drawing challenges. Some of which are extremely challenging by the way.

Besides which, we are only shown the edited highlights. Of course the judges may have made many positive comments that have been cut out by the producers.

I'm enjoying sketching the brave contestants anyway!




If you're in the UK you can watch the episodes so far on iPlayer here.


  1. Great sketches! Plus I totally agree with you about the fact it's a competition not a painting holiday!

  2. I hope this will not be the start of yet another great tirade against this programme. Remember it a game show not a painting course.

    1. It's a TV show and also a competition Lyn, and as I said I'm all for it! :-)

    2. Great sketches Haidee-Jo. I'm assuming you did them from the moving images. I can feel the characters of the painters as you've captured them. I'm enjoying the series and like the fact that it's bringing attention to the many amateur painters out there. I know I wouldn't have th courage to put myself in the contestants position but what a great opportunity to experience different painting challenges and to get expert opinion and advice. No doubt it's cut to get the effect the producers want but hopefully it's been a learning experience and an enjoyable one for the painters.

  3. I am enjoying the series and I am not shocked by the judges views. You would get a lot worse in an open crit at college (or at least you did when I went) and not just from the tutors but the other students. I think the challenges have been pretty hard and a lot of professional painters would have been struggling as not everyone is good at everything. Unfortunately I haven't seen the Sky art challenge but that seems to be different kind of art competition. From the criticism I have seen on the web, I am not sure the BBC will continue with this one but one can only hope. Maybe the one of the changes they could consider, would be have more than 2 judges and more diverse. Both judges at present come from a particular sphere of the UK art scene, namely the Slade and Camberwell. Very similar schools and attitudes to art.

  4. I for one have been enjoying the show. I like the format giving the artists three opportunuites to shine. I do hope the viewing figures are sufficient to allow further series to be produced.
    We should all be grateful they are airing a painting show at all. Of course the judges appear critical, that's television. It's the voting off which hopefully keeps the viewers tuning in.
    I do think most of the competitors were chosen for their charactor i.e. TV appeal, with a fairly obvious idea of who can paint well enough to get to the final. Let's face it, these can't be the best 10 out of, I believe, 6000 entries. Well I hope not!


Thank you for your words!

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