Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oasis in Chelsea

Oasis in Chelsea
26" x 28"

This is a recent studio painting, the inspiration for which came from my visit to Chelsea in July for Pintar Rapido. This is the market place that I painted but the day before the event there were no market stalls and instead children played in these water jets. I was absolutely captivated by the subject with the bright sparkling water seen against the dark buildings in shadow. 
I really enjoyed building up glazes of colour for the darks, something that is only really possible in studio paintings with the benefit of drying time. The wet and dry, sunlit and shaded pavement area was a challenge! I tried to give the children's figures a loose treatment, to add an element of confusion, movement and splashing water.
I'm not altogether decided if it's finished, but it is hanging on my studio wall so I can glance at it occasionally and maybe I'll dip back in.

I'm taking a little holiday from Facebook so I am sorry if you are used to seeing me on there. My blog posts will still automatically update to it because frankly I can't be doing with figuring out how to stop that right now! I will be popping back on from time to time. And if you miss me you can still find me on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Why? Well I find those easy to dip in and out of, they just don't take up my time in the same way. 

Today (Wednesday 12th November) I will be painting a portrait demo at Patchings art centre. Still a few days left if you haven't seen my big exhibition there yet - it finishes on the 23rd.
Thank you Paul for coming all the way from Canada - you should really get a prize! :-)

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je trouve très intéressant la manière que vous avez peint cette fontaine avec les éclaboussures d'eau qui jouent avec la lumière.
    Les couleurs, tout comme les enfants, batifolent agréablement.
    Une peinture remplie d'allégresse.

    Je comprends que le blog vous prenne du temps. Je ressens cette même sensation et parfois j'ai envie de stopper aussi ! Il est essentiel de faire des pauses.

    Gros bisous ☂


Thank you for your words!

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