Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mogador boys bathing

                                                                   Mogador boys bathing
                                                                          Oils on canvas
                                                                              36" x 38"

Here it is finished, after all the pipe smoking/coffee drinking/head scratching. It's a strange thing working on a big painting in the studio. I go through phases when I think it's nearly come to it's natural end and then there turns out to be many more head scratching moments to come. Then when the time comes that I proclaim it is finished (usually because there's a framing deadline) instead of a celebratory choir of angels singing it can all feel a bit... well, deflated. Parting is not such sweet sorrow after a plein air painting, as the experience there has been more like a fast jog with the odd sprint thrown in rather than a slow amble around a maze with interesting diversions en route.
I'm hopeful I did the subject justice after all, and without the loss of freshness from the original plein air study.


              One of the several checks I did in black and white to see how the values were working


                                            It looks pretty big in my studio! I hope it sells soon!

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  1. Haidee, it's just beautiful. Do I see another prize winner? I think so!


Thank you for your words!

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