Thursday, May 15, 2014

Starting over

Work in progress

I really love the chance to start over again on a canvas that's already painted. I have a few half finished demos languishing around the studio on beautiful stretched fine linen canvasses, which deserve another chance in life you know?
Such as this one. If you tilt your head over so that your right ear rests on your shoulder you might be able to make out a blue jug shape in the middle, with yellow tulips and green leaves and stems coming up out of it. The purple that you can see poking through here and there was also a part of this previous life of the canvas. 

This is how it looked after I'd worked a couple of hours on it. Pleasing textures and a harmonious palette of colours, but I still had quite a long way to go.

I'll show you what it evolved into next time. Sorry to leave you dangling but I haven't got a good photo of it yet. ;-)

I like this patch


Thank you for your words!

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