Thursday, June 20, 2013

Red carpet at the allotments

Painting at the allotments again :-)

The day before yesterday I made it to the allotments again, probably my favourite place to paint away from the sea! 
I was really interested in the red carpet, the pegs on the string and the bendy canes! I love love love allotments because I'm a sucker for pattern really. That and typography are both passions. Anyway here's a run through of what went on...

Stage one, blocking in large green masses...

More definition, varied greens, darker greens... (by the way the board isn't white to start with, it's painted in Winsor & Newton Galeria pale umber acrylic paint)

I used a colour shaper tool to lift off the highlights for the posts and string while the paint was still wet.

Starting to put in the reds and browns...

Strengthening some of the darks and highlights ...

I scratched out the thin wiggly lines for the netting, and added more definition of leaves in the foreground. This is where I had to leave it, but  I came back today to finish it off. I'll take a photo of the finished thing to show you next!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you ! I hope you'll like it even better finished :-)

  2. I am really enjoying the photos of your process - almost as good as watching over your shoulder. Thanks, Haidee-Jo

    1. Thanks Carol! Really glad you like to see the progress shots :-)

  3. Agree with Carol-thanks so much for posting your process-love to see how you approach a painting.

    1. Thanks Chris, really glad that you enjoy seeing the process :-)


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