Saturday, May 23, 2015

Painting with friends

After four hours painting - unfinished 24" x 26"

I'm happy with my own company, but also I'm very sociable and love a chance to paint with friends. Yesterday I drove to London to meet with two of my favourite artist friends and two lovely young models to paint together by the canal. It was a perfect day!
I worked on a large white oil primed canvas, 24" x 26" which was a lot of ground to cover! After around four hours I got to this stage. I love the composition and I wanted to get the main colours on and the white covered. The swan kept coming back and forth so I really had to include it in the painting.

The light was challenging. We started with heavy cloud cover but by the end of the session it was full sun. I couldn't start to introduce strong shadows at that point. If we can arrange another day together I'd really love to finish the painting from life. Otherwise I will do my best with it in the studio.

With Michele del Campo and Adebanji Alade and a chocolate brownie thief


  1. FOUR HOURS! Yikes!
    Love what you accomplished and understand about it being unfinished, but I would be very happy having something at this level - completed.It is fabulous.
    The swan with a little jewel all by itself.

    1. Oh thank you so much Julie! I was pretty pleased with how the swan fitted in! ;-)

    2. Hi Haidee.
      The painting looks great as it is, but i know you will want to add just a bit more. The photos are great as well, i love seeing artists at work, and puting a face to them. All the best Haidee.


Thank you for your words!

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