Thursday, November 22, 2012

Piazzetta, Venice

It's so lovely to be back in Venice! Magical! We arrived yesterday early evening and today was our first day painting.
This is an oil that I did this morning, 10" x 14". The sky was just breathtaking! I also love the pink glass in the lamps. Everything is conducive to being painted here.


  1. Wonderful light and those lamps. I am green!!! Enjoy the painting.

    1. Thanks Sheila! So lovely to be here again! :-)

  2. Excellent start to your adventure. Are you with all the others who appear to have migrated, like Valerie, Michael, Karl et al.?

  3. Wonderful, wonderful. Ken Howard would be proud. And I love the pink laps too.

  4. Venice sounds like a better experience than moving house - wish I was there too!

  5. seeing the comment above. Did you study with ken howard? how lucky... Am visiting venice next year, have never been and after seeing your photos and paintings it can't come soon enough. Have the water receded, cos they had lots of problems a month ago.


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