Sunday, July 15, 2012

Private view

The front of the gallery

It's been a long day hanging the exhibition and thank you for all your help Pipa. It all came together just in time for a lovely private view! Oscar and Matthew did a great job as 'assistants' and Tim was in charge of topping up glasses, not to mention the cheese platters and home made crackers! It was great to see everyone, thank you so much to those who came I do really appreciate it. I'm afraid I almost forgot to take photos of the Private View as I was so busy chatting but here are a few! Four paintings have chosen new owners this evening so I'm sure they will all be very happy together!
If you can't make it to Nottingham you can now view the whole exhibition online at my website
Just click on the 'Exhibition 2012' link in the side bar and you can see in the comfort of your own home what we've got up on the walls here in Nottingham, and should anything take your fancy just send me an email and I'll put a red spot on the label straightaway! :-)

To see the paintings click here!

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  1. Haidee,

    Thanks for all the great pictures, it let's those of us who are far away get a good idea of what it's all like. And wish all the more that we were there. It looks beautiful, so open and light, and I love the letters on the glass. The paintings are spectacular!


Thank you for your words!

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