Monday, May 27, 2013

Repose at Guerzido beach

Now we're in France on the island of Bréhat for a family holiday. Today and yesterday the weather has been gorgeous! I've brought some work with me to do, but am also relaxing a lot.
This afternoon I persuaded Milly to pose for me at the beach. It only took around an hour to paint her.
She is lying on the rocks which are very pink because the island is part of the granite rose coastline in France.
I did take step by step photos of this one as I went along, but I'll have to show you those when I get back to a computer as I can only seem to post one photo to my blog when I send by email.
I hope you are having some sunshine wherever you are!


  1. Wow Haidee, nice work for only an hour! It looks like it took much longer. The sun finally showed it`s face here, it`s been so long, I`d nearly forgotten what it looked like... thinking I should maybe emigrate back to Chile.....

    1. Thanks Judith, hope you're enjoying plenty of sunshine now! :-)

  2. lovely painting here Haidee. I gather Milly is your daughter, is that right? Doesn`t seem that you are having a break from painting though. All the best Haidee.

    1. Thanks Vic, I do have plenty of time to relax when I am in France don't worry! Although going to the island and not painting at all certainly isn't an option with all the wonderful subject matter there! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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