Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wheeeee !!

Detail from 'Sledgers at Belmont tower'

Just time for a very quick post! If you're worrying about my big list... I'm plodding through it gradually (but you know how lists go.. things keep getting added on to the end!) but/and more importantly I'm putting in the time for painting and I'm very pleased about that. I'm still very excited painting in the studio - what's going on? Maybe I'm just having a good week or have I turned a corner?
Thanks SO much to everyone who has commented and emailed, it really is great to get a fresh perspective.

This is my son Oscar on the sledge... remember when I painted all the people sledging back in January? I've been working on a version in the studio - 'en studio air', I'll be able to show you tomorrow if I can take a good enough photo...

By the way somebody at my workshop yesterday left a lilac gilet behind, if you think it may be you I have it so let me know!


  1. lovely painting Haidee-Jo.... my son got to go sledging here too, but in April!!!! lol

    1. Thanks Judith, it's really nice that you've been there and know the scene!

  2. Oscar on the sledge is just wonderful! You've really captured the movement and the snow is beautiful, so many colors that make it just right. And I know what you mean, I'm finally getting used to painting in the studio, even though I'd rather be outside. And now it's spring, so outside, here I come!

  3. Wonderful! Full of movement and energy with simplicity of stroke. Looking forward to seeing the whole painting.

  4. Wonderful! Great energy and movement with simplicity of stroke and color. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole painting.


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