Monday, May 13, 2013

Early morning light at the Marina

Early morning light at the marina, Mexico beach
I'm packing and getting ready to travel but still time to send you a picture, this is my very favourite painting from the week. It was a magical morning, the water was still as a mirror and the light was crisp and fresh. Not only that but I was painting with my very great friends Lori and Dawn and we were all on fire that morning!
I was worried that I might be sucked into too much detail with the boats and the buildings behind, particularly as the sun rose higher and more and more information was revealed to me. However I managed to avoid the traps and successfully captured exactly the impression I was after, I was really thrilled with it. I'm quite surprised this one wasn't sold at the exhibition but it's gone to a good home anyway with a brilliant artist traded for one of his gorgeous works.
I was invited to a wonderful after party last night at a beautiful house and watched the sun setting over the beach. I'm going back to England filled with so many happy memories :-)


  1. So glad it has been such a great experience. Welcome back to chill! I so loved that painting I was thinking of emailing. Sad but a good home I hope! As you say amazed it did not sell. :-)

    1. Thanks Sheila, it's gone to a good home! :-)

  2. Wow, I was scrolling down my reading list and this one immediately caught my eye! Actually thought it looked a bit like a pastel painting at first sight, and it`s absolutely gorgeous. Yes, strange it didn`t sell. Sometimes the art-buying public have very different ideas to us artists!?


Thank you for your words!

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