Friday, October 5, 2012

London painting

Apologies for blurred photography!

I had a great visit to London today! I was lucky to be able to paint with the supremely talented Adebanji Alade, and it was so much fun painting side by side and chatting! Makes a lovely change from painting alone singing along to the limited number of songs on my iPhone!

When we started the sky was clear and blue, the shadows crisp. As usual I thought I would get a few done but didn't! I worked on this little 8" x 10" for maybe three hours. Adebanji was working at the same size, but he was taking a further view than me and looking all the way up the road to Pall Mall at the top. (That was going to be my second painting!)
By the time we finished I was looking at a totally different scene! The sky was black, the front of the big building was darker than the side - you name it! All change!

Here's Adebanji hard at work with his ever-appreciative audience! 

I had my back to an enormous column so people had to be fairly cheeky to come and see mine!
I will get a better photo of my painting to show you, and I feel I'd like to do a studio piece based on it. I also have a sketch and a couple of photos to support it.
Hope you have a good weekend :-)


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post! I look like a giant with all that insulation-padding to keep me warm.
    Love the sparkle in your painting- great day!

  2. Blurred photography and weather changes aside, this looks like a beautiful painting! Love the placement of the gold statue, and your warm "whites". Lovely all around.

  3. Wow, Haidee, off you go again! What a bright fresh painting. I totally see the crispness of the morning. You got so much done in 3 hours, I think the painting is just wonderful. Love the building, the statue, the scumble in the road, all of it. I want to paint with you in London!


Thank you for your words!

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