Friday, October 19, 2012

Tuesday, London

Forgive me for not blogging lately, we currently have no Internet at home. After three days I've finally found time to make a lengthy phone call to technical support and at the end of it was told... there is a fault. Oh. Now I need an engineer to visit apparently.
I thought in the meantime I'd send you a pic from my friend's sofa!
Painted this in London on Tuesday morning, 8" x 10".
Then had a great time at the Royal Society of Marine Artists preview. Gorgeous exhibition and lovely chatting to artist friends. Would have been fab if one of my paintings had made it into the exhibition of course - I'll give it another go next year!


  1. What a super painting, Haidee, it puts me right there. But wait, the sun is shining, am I sure that it's London? Aren't you the lucky one, sunshine in London! Glad you had fun at the RSMA. I'm sure you will have a painting there yourself next year.

    1. Thanks Bobbi! I've been lucky with sunshine in London twice now for painting!


Thank you for your words!

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