Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunset in Douarnenez

Sunset 1, Douarnenez
Oils on canvas board 6" x 8"

Sunset 2, Douarnenez
Oils on canvas board 8" x 6"

Here I am, back from the trip but rather exhausted and full of cold! I used Rover at last, my mini pochade box, for these two small paintings of the sunset looking towards the island of Le Tristan from the edge of the hotel garden.
I'm starting to enjoy using Rover although I do find it difficult working so small. I forgot to bring my extra 6" x 8" boards with me but I was able to buy some from my new American friend Bobbi Heath, a fellow blogger!
These two paintings will be available for sale in my exhibition in Nottingham which is happening very soon, from the 16th to the 23rd July. Please visit if you can!
I'd like to put all of the paintings in the exhibition online with prices, does anybody have any ideas on the best way to do this?

Here's a picture of Rover in use when I got up really early on Sunday morning in Port en Bessin...


  1. Two more wonderful paintings, Haidee-Jo. I've been following your blog since I read about you in the SAA magazine. I love the free way you paint and your use of colour; your SAA Artist of the Year award is thoroughly deserved. We used to holiday every summer in Brittany, so your paintings of that area strike a particular chord with us.
    I'd been thinking for some time of getting a small pochade box. Yesterday morning I finally went ahead and ordered one up, only to find you using exactly the same model for your lovely sketches of Douarnenez. This has got to be a good omen!
    Keep blogging.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Graham, I am thrilled to bits that you're planning to paint plein air! Enjoy your new box! :-)

  2. Deux très jolies peintures... En ce moment il ne devait pas être aisé de peindre avec la météo désastreuse qui règne en Bretagne.
    Mes enfants qui vivent à Plouescat sont complètement désolés !
    Heureusement pour l'un d'entre eux il se trouve être en vacance aujourd'hui et a décidé de venir en Ardèche... Connaissez-vous ? Il y a aussi de merveilleux paysages à peindre.

    Gros bisous.

    1. Non, je ne connais pas bien l'Ardèche - pas encore!

  3. Haidee, thanks so much for the mention, I've pointed a few people your way as well in my post today. I love these small paintings you did with your Rover (well, I love all of your paintings from the trip,...). It was fun to compare gear and experiences as well. A pleasure all around. And it will be more fun to continue to keep up with you by reading your blog, and hopefully meeting up again some day on one side of the pond or the other. All the very best - Bobbi


Thank you for your words!

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