Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rectory with delphiniums

Rectory with delphiniums
50 x 60cms

I've finally got around to finishing this painting just in time for entry into the exhibition. I started it in acrylics back in early March and have finished it in the last couple of days in oils. (This doesn't work the other way round, but oils over a layer of dry acrylics seems generally ok)
I've also been trying to finish off my Douarnenez triptych which I painted during my week there. Although I came away with the middle panel looking finished enough for my liking, the right hand side panel looks a little stiff and the left hand side panel only really has the bare bones in place.
It may end up as a one piece after all!
I hate the phrase 'finishing off'! When I say it to myself my shoulders stiffen and the hairs rise on the back of my neck! I would far, far rather get everything up to a state of near-completedness (which is good enough for me!) on site and never lay a brush on it again!

Thought you might also like to see this one I did a few years ago now. It also has delphiniums in it, but the mood is softer....

Humphrey in the shade on the terrace   Sold
I absolutely love the colour palette used in that one.


  1. Powerful and contrasting images, both of which demonstrate fine control of colour and colour relationships.

  2. Beautiful, I love the palette too.

    I recon this will be a very good show you have coming up, wish I could be there. Please do post some pics on this blog would love to see them. Good luck and have many sales.

    PS. Do you find bad weather brings more visitors? I do


Thank you for your words!

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