Sunday, August 2, 2015

A glimpse of Montegabbione

Montegabbione from the terrace
8" x 10"

I'm here in France now thinking that I really ought to have sent you a few postcards from my Umbria trip the week before last. The views from the terrace were absolutely beautiful, we enjoyed watching the nearby town of Montegabbione and surrounding hills changing in a never ending array of colour and value. Sometimes hidden, sometimes revealed, sometimes the house facades lit, other times the rooftops, as the distant landscape showed itself through mauves, lavender grey, blues and dusty greens.

I would love to visit Umbria again at a more modest temperature. For the week we were hampered by temperatures of over 35 degrees daily, and sometimes 40. It seems petulant to complain about the non stop blue sky but the humid heat and lack of breeze and places to gather a group in the shade really did make for a difficult week of plein air landscape painting. My band of painters were absolutely fantastic though and managed to produce vast amounts of work despite the difficulties while avoiding heat exhaustion and sunstroke and having lots of fun throughout. So all in all a terrific time :-)

Some of the groups work

Some of the groups work

Some of the groups work

Some of the work produced

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