Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Oils on canvas 12" x 16" £795

I painted this at Hook Head in Ireland a couple of years ago, and although I was always happy with it I've really enjoyed making a few minor changes to it in the studio this week and now I love it. The 'idea' or story behind the painting is really that fleeting light effect on top of the headland there, in the midst of an oncoming storm. By the time I'd packed up big fat spots of rain were starting to fall, and as I reached the car it started to hammer down!
The photo above doesn't show the subtle colour shifts so I've added a few close-ups to give you a better look.
This painting breaks one of the rules of atmospheric perspective, by placing the more saturated high chroma colours in the distance. To balance this unsettling effect somewhat I made sure to place the strongest tonal contrasts in the foreground, see the light valued sea spray against the dark crevices in the rocks in the section illustrated below -

Detail of waves and rocks

The distant glimmer, fleeting light

I am taking this painting up to Hull this weekend with four others, where it will be part of a mixed group show called 'Water runs deep' at the Studio Eleven gallery.
The exhibition opening takes place on the 19th July from 2-4pm, and the show is then open until the 7th September. 


  1. I love this painting! It makes me miss Ireland! Thanks for the detailed photos as well, as I love to see those brush strokes up close!

    1. Thank you Roberta, I also love to see brush strokes up close and personal! :-)

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'aime l'atmosphère qui se dégage de cette peinture. La nature sauvage qui vit et rugit... Les nuances de couleurs sont fantastiques.
    Je vous souhaite une belle exposition, qu'elle soit couronnée de succès.

    Gros bisous ❥❥❥


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