Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sledgers in the snow

Sledgers at Belmont Tower, Grantham

I was really smitten with this subject yesterday. I wanted to go back today to see fresh snow but unfortunately we've had no further snowfall today or during the night. I did achieve a snow painting though, in the gardens of Belton House.

Here's a short video filmed yesterday (on an iPhone!) of me painting this at Belmont tower. It's lovely to feel the ambience of being there. I warn you though - you may feel the need for a hot chocolate after watching this!


  1. Well done Haidee. looks like everyone had really good fun! Am off to put the kettle on!

  2. Good morning Haidee.
    As I suspected, a great painting. Also it was lovely to see you actually painting on your Video, more please; All the best Haidee.

    1. Thank you Vic, I will try to do more videos but I rely on my family for the filming and editing!

  3. Haidee, what a GREAT video, and a lovely painting. I love your enthusiasm for the snow, we get so much that it gets old, and of course, it's really cold, below 0F for the next three nights!

    Have you tried wearing old leather dress gloves with the fingertips cut off at the knuckles? That's what I wear painting outside in the cold, my hands just freeze.


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