Monday, October 17, 2016

Art muse contest

The fountain, Villa Torlonia
John Singer Sargent

Well here's one of John Singer Sargents masterpieces, now how about entering one of yours in a painting contest?
Art muse contest is easy to enter online, and has been created with different categories of skill level so that you can choose where your art might be a best fit - the master class,  emerging artists and budding/apprentice artist. These are clearly explained on the website. You can enter as many paintings as you wish and there are cash prizes as well as gallery exhibits and various surprise awards (one of which may be a certain DVD).
All the information you need and the winners of previous Art Muse Contest awards can be found here -
I'm the judge for October so I'm looking forward to having a good peruse of the entries at the end of the month - good luck!

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