Sunday, March 2, 2014

Heading out of harbour

Moving on

The work carried on in the studio, I would do a little bit one day and then leave it alone for a fortnight. Then go in for another attack... and so on.
Here you see me stating the majority colour in the water area quite early on. I find that it's helpful to get strong colours in early so that you can see how well they will work together. I don't just mean strong in saturation, but also strong as in they will make up a large part of the painting. The blue in the water for example, which is pretty dull in hue but covers a large area and therefore is important.

Getting the lightest values
This was an obvious next step - getting in the highlights and lightest values. I also found I needed to lighten in value the red areas. 
I used a Rembrandt cadmium red light which is a gorgeous colour.
Darkening up the background also brought that red forward, let it have it's limelight!
The figures and background all had further work, and I made those white sails really sharp and opaque.
This is the finished painting...

Heading out of harbour
16" x 20"

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