Monday, December 30, 2013

Making a mark awards

Leek pickers in Lincolnshire
In between all the festive feasting and socialising I got out with the paints for a couple of hours. This was exactly the subject I was looking for and the weather was kind plus I had permission to paint here. All favourable conditions but I could have done with more time. Maybe I'll get another chance but not today, the weather has turned pretty wild again.

I'm honoured to have been nominated again in the Making a Mark awards 2013, for best landscape picture on an art blog during 2013. There are four categories for best artwork - landscape, nature, portrait/figure and still life. The deadline for voting is tonight at 11.00pm GMT and you can vote for your favourites quite simply by clicking here. Katherine Tyrrell explains the annual awards and the reasons behind her choices plus shares her thoughts on art blogs and as always it makes for interesting reading.

Galley hill allotments in snow
the painting nominated for the award


  1. Happy New Year, Haidee Jo! I continue to love your work. Thank you for sharing your art and adventures with us.

    1. Thanks very much Karen, and happy new year to you too! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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