Friday, June 1, 2012

Rose Desire with white feathers

Rose Desire with white feathers
Oil on canvas 27 & 1/2" x 23 & 1/2"
I'm really pleased with this one from yesterday's session. It was fantastic to paint large again and be able to use my whole arm! There's a little bit more I want to do to it, but not very much at all. I love the sketchiness, the gestural marks, the subject, the pose, the white feathers, the colours in her hair and skin. Love it! Reminds me of a Toulouse-Lautrec!

You can imagine what's been on my mind today! I am so excited, and we are catching the train to London first thing in the morning. I will try to blog from my phone tomorrow evening and may even get a preparatory painting done! I'm looking forward to seeing the large boats with sails that are already lining the banks of the Thames, where they will stay because they are too tall to pass under the bridges.
I'm also looking forward to seeing flags and bunting - fourteen miles of bunting!

I've been prepping my canvasses and boards today and I've been over to the SAA to collect nine brand spanking new paintbrushes and a posh brush holder and a dozen tubes of paint especially for the Big Event, and better still all have been paid for with my prize money! :-)

Wanted to show you my souvenir 'Jubilee bunting' necklace - and ridiculously excited face!

And now I really must go and pack...


  1. I have not been on blogger for ages and just had to have a peep at what you've been up to and what you've got lined up. Well, as usual I am left with a big smile :-) your paintings are beautiful and the video (I must confess I just watched a little bit.... has been a long day with school street partying etc) your video is fantastic! Great idea. You must be thrilled to be painting in London. How wonderful... hope the weather is not too bad. Probably need a wind shield. Enjoy every minute x

  2. I love everything about this painting too, Haidee-Jo. I love the vigorous brushwork and dynamic color, the strong sense of structure to her figure, and the lively subject...looks like you had lots of fun.

  3. J'aime cette peinture où l'on sent que vous vous êtes complètement lâchée... Il y a un grande spontanéité dans le geste et le choix des couleurs...
    Je vous souhaite de passer une excellente journée de fête et de créativité...
    gros bisous à vous


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