Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy day at Patchings festival!

Painting from the model
You may be wondering 'why is Haidee showing us this painting again?', because after all I did show you it when I painted it on February 28th. Then I showed you it framed last week heading off to Patchings for The Artist exhibition. Today I show you it again because it has won me a prize!!!
I'm so happy about it I just can't tell you how happy I am!
I've been awarded the Pro Arte prize of £250 worth of brushes!
I cannot believe my lucky stars at the moment!

I've just discovered that you can see the whole exhibition, and the Leisure Painter exhibition, online!
The work in both exhibitions is fantastic so it is really well worth you having a look. The website is very clear and informative and easy to navigate too. There is also a list of all the prize winners from both exhibitions on there.
You can view the exhibition here :-)

Apart from that excitement I have had a fantastic day chatting with visitors non-stop and the other artists! It's so amazing, I've met artist friends from blogging, Facebook and twitter all for the first time in real life and let me tell you they're all gorgeous happy lovely people! There's so much fine talent in our marquee and nearly all of the artists are demonstrating on their stands so if you can possibly make it along to the festival you really must. You won't regret it :-)

Aah, I'm going to be dreaming of fists full of shiny new brushes tonight... I can just tell...


  1. Well done Haidee, It sounds like it's going really well there and nice to see the pictures of your stall and your work all together.

    1. Thank you Paul! I forgot to take photos with the rug down - it looked very homely!

  2. Congratulations Haidee!! really are on a role at the moment! Very well done and enjoy the weekend :)

  3. Well done!! You are flying!!!!! I look forward everyday to recieve your lastest news and paintings and I'm so pleased with todays results for you. I'm a huge fan of your light and airy paintings. Thank you for sharing them.
    Joy london uk

  4. Congratulations on your was so nice to meet my mystery painter, the video is very good. Well done to your daughter for her editing skills as well:-)

    1. Thank you Lynne, very lovely to meet you too. Stay in touch!

  5. Congratulations again!! Wow you really are an inspiration :-)
    Love all the good news and excitement every time I get a chance to get onto blogger and read your posts! hee hee Enjoy x


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