Friday, May 4, 2012

On board!

Well we're on board a ferry but it's not the one we booked onto, which couldn't sail due to a technical fault.
Now we'll be arriving in Caen instead of Cherbourg three hours later, which means it's extremely unlikely we'll make it to the island tonight.
It's unfortunate, but I'd rather not be on a boat with a technical fault! Hey-ho!
Here's a sketch I've just done in the bar.


  1. Haidee-Jo, you have inspired me! I have my own Jullian thumb-box (much underused), a blog featuring my daily diary entries, and a fear of painting outside. I will make the time!

  2. Hi Angela, that's great! Did you see me in Paint magazine? Good luck!

  3. Hello Haidee-Jo your blog has inspired me to continue with oils, I was having a crisis of faith and nearly ditched the medium but seeing you colourful vibrant work has lifted me. I saw your work in the SAA mag wonderful


Thank you for your words!

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