Monday, November 11, 2013

Girl holding parasol with lamplight

Girl holding parasol
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I am still pootling around on cloud nine after my ROI success. I also have a fun and busy week lined up. Tomorrow is my last full day workshop of this year, on finding and using more colour. On Wednesday I will be painting in London and dropping work off at the Russell gallery for the winter show, and on Thursday I will be painting in Norfolk again with friends. There'll be coffee and cake on Friday. Plus it's my birthday on Saturday!

This is a recent demonstration painting for a forthcoming article in The Artist magazine on painting in gouache. It is based on this unfinished oil sketch that I painted in October in Cornwall when Daisy kindly sat for me. It was the wrong end of a dark day so I didn't have very much time before I couldn't see at all what I was doing! 

Oil sketch painted from life
Somehow in translation the gouache version has lost any likeness of Daisy! But likeness aside the lighting was pretty challenging with some daylight still coming through the window albeit dull, and some warm light coming from the lamp to her left.
Here are some progress shots, I started with thin washes and built up to using thicker and more opaque paint -

This is a gouache painting on sturdy Colourfix paper, measuring 33 x 40 cms.


  1. Lovely contrasting colors, they work great together.

  2. I love all your plein air paintings, Haidee-Jo...but I have to say, this one just struck me...I love the mood, the colors, the composition of this one sooo much! Super impressed that it was done with gouache too, a medium I have just started using this year! Thank you for sharing your art journey with are a constant inspiration :-)

  3. Gorgeous! What beautiful, glowing light in this painting. Love it.


Thank you for your words!

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