Sunday, October 20, 2013

Being Monsieur Monet

After Claude Monet's
The seine at Giverny, morning mists 

Yesterday was my 'painting like the impressionists' workshop, a hugely popular day which has been booked up for months. We had a great day all together working from one of Monet's water lily paintings. Here's another Monet that I had a bash at, really enjoyed doing it. This is how I built up in layers, starting broadly and letting my brushstrokes get smaller and more delicate as I went along. In truth it's hard to know when to stop as you could go on forever making it more and more subtle and building up the paint on the surface.

Stage 1 blocking in, acrylics

Stage 2, acrylics

Stage 3, acrylics

Stage 4, still in acrylics

Stage 5, now working in oils

I could happily have gone on but ran out of time!


  1. I love doing copies - they always teach you so much!

    You've reminded me of when I did a copy of a different version of Morning on the Seine - see

  2. Nicely rendered Haidee. I did a copy of the same painting when I first started to paint ;-)..

    I'm feeling v inspired after seeing all the work in Kens studio at the weekend...time to put in some serious night painting sessions..


Thank you for your words!

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