Thursday, April 4, 2013

Walls at Essaouira

Here's another one painted plein air on my trip to Morocco. It's one of my smallest at 10" x 8". This is really the smallest size I like to work, any smaller and I get all fiddly and want to use tiny brushes and perhaps end up with something that doesn't look as though I painted it!
I remember the sky was rather changeable on this particular morning with the sun coming and going. I wanted to capture the tower lit up in front of the dark sky and the long morning shadows stretching across the square. That's all. I'm quite a simple creature really with simple ideas.

And now it's time to head to Bristol... I'll try to blog about the event but if I don't manage it I will be in touch next week from Bréhat!


  1. La lumière est si particulière dans ce pays et je trouve que vous l'avez parfaitement apprivoisée et capturée.
    Belle peinture.
    Gros bisous

    1. Merci beaucoup Martine! Gros bisous á vous


Thank you for your words!

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