Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Contre jour, Essaouira harbour

Contre jour, Essaouira harbour
Oils on Arches huile paper 32 x 42 cms 

Did you see some sunshine today? Wasn't it fantastic? If sheltered from the wind you could believe it was finally spring here!
This is a studio painting of Essaouira harbour that I've done since I got back from Morocco. Do you remember I reviewed Williamsburg handmade oil colours last sumer for The Artist magazine? Well recently I've had the pleasure of trialling 18 new colours in the Williamsburg range. I've been really enjoying myself with them.
I painted this one on Arches huile oil painting paper. It reminds me of watercolour paper so much that I usually want to start with flooding colour on in washes when I use it. That's just how this one started off, with Indanthrone blue, Cadmium purple and Cobalt green. 

First stage
I then began to add warmer colours and more detail, with the paint getting thicker.

Playing and playing...

I'm off to Bristol tomorrow to get ready for the 'It's All About Art' event which takes place on Friday and Saturday at Brunel's Old Station. Click here for information and come and see me there if you can! :-)

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