Friday, March 22, 2013

'Chez Sam'

This one certainly wasn't without it's issues! I started it on Monday and was really keen to finish. Today was the first chance I had to go back in the same light, same time of day.
Disappointingly the three men weren't there today, and I had a succession of vehicles come and park right in front of me. Then I realised the two men on the left were too small so I had to completely repaint them. They were too small because I'd painted the fence too short so that was changed too.
When I'd finished I put the painting down on the ground for two seconds to take a photo and pack it away, then I heard a flurry of wings and suddenly about a handful of grit and broken shells was seemingly thrown across the painting!
I'll have to see if it comes off when it's dry. I think it's all these little challenges and unexpected events that make plein air painting so exciting though!
By the way I'm fairly happy I captured the light, but the seagulls look rather like ducks!

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