Friday, March 15, 2013

Busy bee

Fin du jour 
I'm officially out of hibernation mode, even though the weather doesn't realise it's spring yet!

This week I have completed three paintings.
Painted and waxed and fitted two frames.
Prepped 26 canvas panels by fixing oil primed linen canvas to 3mm MDF boards.
Painted 40 canvas panels in various shades of beautiful warm greys for an undercoat.
Decided which paints to take to Morocco.
Written a magazine article.
Taken my two self-portraits to London to hand in for the SELF exhibition.
Visited the Royal Society of British Artists exhibition.
Photographed paintings.
And managed a lovely evening with friends and a couple of lunches with my husband and even saw the children once or twice (kidding! No I saw them as often as teenagers like to be seen... mealtimes!)

Hope you don't mind me presenting you with a list but it's been a list kind of a week! Lists on lists on lists. Tomorrow I need to look urgently at the packing list as I'll be leaving before teatime to stay overnight at a hotel at the airport. I may not fit any clothes in the case after the paints and boards...

I made these! Aren't they neat?

Hopefully you'll hear from me again when I'm in Morocco :-)


  1. I need to paint some frames over the weekend. How do you do yours? Not just acrylic paint by the sound of it? Well done on Self. Good luck.

    1. Hi Ian, I start with untreated obeche moulding, and I paint 2-3 coats of Farrow and Ball emulsion (because they have such great greys and off-whites for frames). When that's all dry I use a neutral wax polish (such as Black Bison), brush it on and rub it off. This gives the paint protection against dirt and provides a subtle sheen.

  2. Have a great time Haidee. I look forward to seeing plenty of pictures from Morocco.

  3. Hi Haidee.

    Your frame choices really enhance your work. Do you make the frames yourself or buy from a supplier? Also, do you treat the back and sides of the MDF with anything special? Thanks for your tips and your blog posts.

    Regards Joe Mahon

  4. I absolutely LOVE the frames!! is that Farrow and Ball paint? I`ve been busy painting furniture this week too. I`d love to paint some frames too, cos then they would be exactly the colour I wanted them.Did you make the frames yourself too? Sometimes, I`d love to try that, but for one thing it`s a challenge finding the time to paint pictures in the first place, but I always think it must be very complicated to do!? It is my dream that one day I will be able to go on a painting holiday, maybe even one of yours, and do nothing but draw and paint, and not even feel guilty about it!!

  5. Awesome set of lists, Haidee, and all done too! Well done. Are you basically creating panels like the ones I buy from Raymar? Here's wishing you the very best of painting, weather, food, and new friends in Morocco.


Thank you for your words!

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