Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sledging at Belmont tower

The painting was about finished at this stage

What a great day! I went to Belmont tower which is on the top of a big hill, just outside of Grantham. You may remember that I went up to the top in October and painted a few panoramas looking down. I know this is a place popular with sledges and I really had an urge to paint people sledging! I've never  been brave enough to give it a go before, but this year I feel my snowscapes are becoming a bit more adventurous with the movement of animals and people.
The family came too, and we met up with friends there and everyone had a good time sledging and throwing snowballs while I had fun doing my thing! 

Thanks for the photo Imo!

The tricky thing about this one was... no, not the cold - I'm getting used to that and the only thing cold about me were my toes and they weren't too bad, it was the dilemma of what to put in first - the sledgers or the snow!
You see, I usually like to mass in the large shapes first and worry about details later (like figures), but there was no question of blocking in the white of the snow and then trying to paint very dark figures on top of the wet snow paint because the brush would pick up the white and it would mix in. I also wanted to get some figures in early to give a sense of scale.

I began like this

I went back and forth between the snow and people

When we got back it was just too dark to get a close up photo so I'll try to do that tomorrow. I found Charlie looking lovely and cosy in my studio - it would have made a good painting subject but you can't be in two places at the same time can you?!

Think I'll just stay inside in this nest I've made!


  1. Thanks for showing the process. I am amazed you don't mind the cold too much!

    1. I wear lots of warm layers Bella, and always a hat!

  2. Interesting to see your process Haidee. I've been like your cat today and stayed in the warm.

  3. Brilliant shots again Haidee. That half done painting looks to be a winner again soon I hope. All the very best Haidee.

  4. What a great location Haidee and really interesting to see how you've gone about tackling it. Thanks for the advice about wrapping up, I put an extra pair of sox on when I read it and got out for a wile yesterday but the snows only just starting here at the moment so out again later hopefully.

  5. Oh, brilliant video!, lovely to watch all that fun going down onto your canvas, you have really captured the fun of it all!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Looks like a great day all around with beautiful music in your action painting and topped off with regal looking Charlie. Thanks for energetic posting of your nice painting.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Candy :-)


Thank you for your words!

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