Monday, December 3, 2012

To Do's and chocolates!

Party treats

Just the day before I went to Venice I held a 'chocoholic painters anonymous' workshop. It was so much fun! Don't you think it's great to combine passions?!
I did this little demo in gouache and I'm here to tell you... gouache has GOT to make a comeback, it is so woefully underused and unappreciated! Seriously, I'm on a mission with that next year... I'll have to book in a workshop on the theme as a first step...
I must use my pastels more too and... uh oh, I feel a list coming on!
My current 'To Do - ASAP' list is as long as my arm, and it doesn't even mention Christmas!

Don't worry however, I won't forget about the GRAND festive prize draw which takes place on the 19th December.
I must keep reminding you about this as presently there are only 30 people in the draw - which is great if you're one of them! - but there are another 100 blog subscribers who haven't put themselves in the draw yet!
All you need to do is email me to tell me you'd like to be in the draw, and which painting you'd prefer to win from the two below ; 'King of Christmas' or 'Sheep in melting snow'. That's it! You may win an original painting, a book or some greetings cards! What are you waiting for? ;-)
Email me here

Sheep in melting snow

King of Christmas

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