Monday, November 12, 2012

Fondant fancies and battenburg

Halfway through demo

I had a really enjoyable afternoon giving a demonstration to a lovely group of people!
The subject was a still life on a cakes and tea party theme, very fitting as it happens because it's my birthday this week. I put a couple of paper flags and some birthday cake candles, and a birthday card with a beautiful painting by Pamela Kay in the set up as well as old fashioned party cake favourites!
This photo was taken halfway through the session. You can see the still life, the painting on the easel and my acrylic paints on a disposable paper palette pad.
It was dark when I got home, so I will photograph the finished painting to show you in the daylight tomorrow. I think it will make a good birthday card design!
We had some lovely autumnal walks at the weekend, and I sketched these cows on Saturday when I collected my paintings from the Whisby natural world centre.
I'm going to try a studio painting based on the sketch.
I'm really back in the swing of drawing every day now which is great, even if only ten or fifteen minutes. It's a good discipline to have, brilliant exercise for seeing, hand-eye coordination practise and... you get an interesting array of sketchbooks to delight, inspire and intrigue you for years to come. What could be better than that?
By the way, has anyone seen the photos of flooded Venice... and can anyone lend me a snorkel for next week...?


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I totally agree about drawing everyday - the more we do the more efficient we become at capturing in shorthand the essence of what we see.

  2. Your drawings are wonderful. The composition and values are just right. And I know what you mean about the sketchbooks, they are an inspiration, especially when you buy them on your travels. Speaking of which, Venice in a flood... I hope it is drier by the time you get there.

    1. I'll be packing tomorrow Bobbi... a snorkel maybe!


Thank you for your words!

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