Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flowers in acrylics - demo

Acrylics on canvas 16" x 12"
We've had a few days extended holiday and then two days getting ready for going back to school and after that I'm straight back to work myself! Yesterday I painted a demo for Newark Art Club, on the theme of 'Flowers in acrylics'. I brought these gorgeous flowers and props with me, and pretty much completed the painting in an hour and a half. Here's a photo taken at the end and you can see the still life set up in front of me, and above that the projector screen on which people could see the work going on the canvas on a larger scale. I didn't like the leaf which was covering the top part of the bottle so this morning I set up the subject again and removed the leaf. I was then able to see the stem in the bottle which I think works a lot better. I also added a few more details to the purple flowers in the jug at the back, and the centre of the sunflowers.

And now I need to get a lot of workshop planning done as I have three day workshops coming up this month! In case you are living near enough for these to be of interest I have...

FOUR places left on my 'Drawing skills' workshop on Wednesday 12th September at Fulbeck village hall

ONE place left on my 'Abstracts' workshop on Friday 21st September at Dry Doddington village hall

FIVE places left on my 'Finding your style' workshop on Wednesday 26th September at Fulbeck village hall

Full details are on my website so let me know as soon as possible if you're keen to take a place :-)


  1. Wow, Haidee, beautiful demo! I love your fancy sunflowers with the green centers. They look wonderful with the blue and purple of the flowers and pitcher. I've got a vase of sunflowers on my table too, so I guess I'd better get cracking. As usual, you inspire me.

    And you've got a lot on your plate. Wish I could bleep myself over for your abstracts workshop, that sounds really fun.


    1. Thank you Bobbi! I hope you got your sunflowers painted! :-)

  2. Such a cheerful painting, and perfect in the gold frame.

    1. Thank you Karen, and funny thing is it's the first gold frame I've ever bought - but you're right, it suits it well!


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