Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wexford Quick Draw

Easels at the ready... On your marks, get set....
Yesterday was the Quick Draw in Wexford. We gathered all along one street and we had two hours to complete a painting of the scene. A klaxon was sounded to let us know when to start and when to stop. To add to the excitement we had live music being played and of course lots of interest from the public. Great atmosphere.
I chose to paint the whole street with it's colourful buildings and church spire in the background. Quite a lot to sort out in two hours!
At the end of the time all the easels were lined up together in the street for an exhibition and local businesses had donated prizes.
As you can see I was the subject of several paintings myself!

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  1. Wow, Haidee, that looks like so much fun. I can see you all intent on your task, and with lovely results. Your paintings is sensational, so vibrant.
    How fun to be a painting subject as well.


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