Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Huntington Castle, Clonegal

Here's another weather review- RAIN! Actually that's unfair, today we've gone from driving horizontal rain to 'soft' rain to 'large drops falling from the trees' rain to wind and rain and then finally- about 4pm it stopped raining.
This morning I was in the marvellous Lori Putnam workshop, outside under the trees throughout the wind and rain, rain and wind and... occasional showers. We watched a gorgeous demo and then the hill Lori was painting in the distance completely disappeared in a white haze, my Mabel seized up because of the damp and refused to open and I got earache. Hmm. Nothing some coffee and cake couldn't sort out, and the lovely chap from the very lovely Huntington Castle saw to Mabel for me.
I managed the little sketch below, focussing on the large masses and keeping everything more or less within two values. It's a great exercise and I intend to practise more with it.
After lunch warming up in the tearoom I went in search of a subject location and really struck gold when I found... the greenhouse! Ideal, through wind and rain!
That's the Russian painter Natalia Dik you can see painting at the other end of the greenhouse. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I tried to stick to the two main tonal masses, but with the most contrast in value and hue being Natalia, the focal point. I also really like the abstract and unfinished aspects of certain areas, and the paint dribbles! I didn't want to get sucked in to painting the flowers in increasing detail or spelling everything out too much so I kept reminding myself of my favourite quote 'Say what you need to say in the painting then get out. There is no use chattering on after you have made your point'.
When I had made my point I stopped.
I then did a couple of hours painting in the tearoom (yes actually I did have more coffee. And cake. Oops), but the painting still wasn't resolved and I was getting fatigued and it was time to go.
By the way when I get back from the trip I will change these photos for better ones and add links to the people and places I have mentioned.
Gosh I didn't even tell you about the gorgeous dog of the house, Myrtle. Or the two pigs. It will have to be another day... I'm getting blogging fatigue now!


  1. Koo, never realised you could have such a fab time in the rain! Those painting's are brilliant, love the looseness in the Natalia one and the dribbles!. I dont know how you do them so quickly! Thank you for sharing them again.
    Best wishes
    Joy Londonuk

    1. Thanks Joy! I'm experimenting more with runs and dribbles in the early stages using lots of turps :-)


Thank you for your words!

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