Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach study

Beach study 10" x 12"

You know when you're enjoying sunny warm weather and you always feel as though it's going to go on for ever... well that's how I was a few days ago and then we had two days of strong wind punctuated by rain showers. Oh no! I thought. Why didn't I paint more often on the beach?!
So today when things looked altogether far jollier weather wise I got down to the beach with my paints and this time I didn't go incognito, full easel and umbrella set up.
It was almost full tide when I started, which is why you can see just a strip of sand and then the stones.
I started in a thinned down transparent oxide red to try to block in the main tonal masses and try not to get carried away by the figures and give them more attention than they were due, if you see what I mean. They need to be dealt with the same way as anything else in the landscape. Next I tried to establish the lightest areas, principally the sky, and the colour of the sea.
It was an interesting study, but nothing terribly exciting, so I decided to give it to the young girl who'd been sat patiently watching me the whole time. I'm sure it will remind her of happy holidays with her family for many years to come :-)


  1. Great demo. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  2. Its interesting to see your photos of the painting in stages Haidee and how you've gone about putting the painting together. Heres to sunny days and long may they continue!


Thank you for your words!

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