Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soft day at Kilmore Quay

Today was what they call here a 'soft day'. In fact, so soft, that for my first five hours in Kilmore Quay the rain was set between 'moderate' and 'heavy' but never 'off'. Painting boats in the rain- just like being back in Douarnenez! Strangely though I do love it. Just love so much painting in a working harbour like this one.
I had a great set up, as I could park my car by the side of the harbour and I painted directly behind the car with my boot open and my Jullian easel up, and my full waterproof outfit. Quite cosy really!
After I finished this painting I moved my car a few hundred metres further along the quay for the second painting. Eventually I decided it was time for fish and chips! And before I left Kilmore Quay this evening I managed a small third painting using Rover, in the car this time, looking through the rain and the steamed up windows.


  1. These are great Haidee. I too love painting in working harbours, the rust on the boats, their colours and the general busy-ness of it all. Are you going to post the one from inside the car? I did the same once in Looe in Cornwall with the drizzle coming down and the wipers on intermittently, but it made me concentrate even more and i was really pleased with the result.

  2. You are truly an inspiration! Your passion and joy of painting comes through in your work so beautifully! Great job.

  3. Wonderful, Haidee, and they, and your story, remind me of Douarnenez. Nice to have your car to protect you from the rain. I hope you get some better weather!

    1. It was like our day in Port-en Bessin Bobbi! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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