Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New homes!

I'm having a great week so far at my exhibition - lots and lots of visitors to talk to, eight paintings sold up to now, huge support from my online friends and have even met a few blog subscribers for the first time which was fantastic!
These are the paintings which are going off to new homes...

Rocks near Phare du Paon

Sunset 1, Douarnenez

Sunset 2, Douarnenez

Snowday Sunday

Pêche à pied

Lincolnshire mud tracks 3

Gerberas and lemons

Charlie and the pain au chocolat

There are four days left of my exhibition in Nottingham, but no need to miss out, you can see the exhibition right here and grab yourself a lovely new painting too! :-)


  1. Well done-hope the rest of the week goes well

  2. It all looks really good Haidee. I've just been having a look at your exhibition on line.

    1. Thanks Paul! It looks great in the gallery - it's a huge space. Shame I've only got a week! :-)

  3. Well done, Haidee, and kudos to those smart buyers.

  4. Well done Haidee, All your paintings look great in the photos and it looks a fab place to exhibit! Hope you have a mad rush of late buyers looking for a special painting ..
    Best wishes
    Joy Londonuk


Thank you for your words!

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