Friday, June 8, 2012

Teeny tiny

Today I painted this miniature piece, a teeny tiny 7.5 cms x 7.5 cms. It was quite a challenge painting this size for me - I don't have any really tiny brushes! It was this size for a reason, and it's been on my (enormous) To Do list for months so I'm really pleased to have got it done.

I've also had an interview today on BBC Radio Lincolnshire about the painting of the Jubilee Pageant, which I'm listening to as I type (cringe!).

I've been to the printers' with my Jubilee Pageant painting because I'm going to have some special greetings cards printed as a memento. My printers are so marvellous that they've assured me the cards will be ready for me to bring with me to the Patchings art festival next week. I really hope to see some of you there!

I've been working a little more on my studio Pageant painting, and I've been painting frames again!

Finally, just wanted to say a huge big welcome to all my new blog subscribers and followers who have come on board this last month! I'm very glad to meet you - big smile and virtual handshake! :-)


  1. Lovely little piece. Good shapes and good values. It works well.
    I like the frames and have been trying to get some material like the stuff you have, could you tell me where you source your wood?

    1. I will have to remember to ask my framer where the moulding comes from Mick - I just paint them and wax them and fit the paintings in. I know she wasn't very keen on this wood though as it splinters a little too easily :-(


Thank you for your words!

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