Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moody blues

I'm sorry we haven't spoken for a few days. Things have been pretty hectic around here what with preparations for Patchings Festival! Tomorrow is the setting up day - thanks for helping me Pipa! I'll do my best to blog a couple of times throughout the festival.

This is an acrylic demo I did today for Balderton art club - a very fun and friendly group. The blues on the tablecloth are not quite as intense as they look on this photo - my iPhone got carried away, it seems to enjoy blue.
This is how it looked at the end of the session, I may just add a few more touches of orange here and there and lighten up that tablecloth in places.

I picked up my Pageant cards from the printers today! How exciting!

I now have to go and put them in the cellophane bags with the envelopes .... wish me luck for tomorrow! I've no great plan. Best I've come up with is ;
a) drive to the venue with car loaded up to the hilt with paintings, cards, easels, furniture, fabric, bunting, fairy lights, easels, tool kit
b) unload the car and carry to my spot in marquis
c) try to make said objects look nice...

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