Sunday, May 27, 2012

Newark line river cruises

Newark line river cruises
Oil on canvas panel 30 x 30 cms

Another gorgeous day here today so I decided to get a little practice for the regatta! I painted in one of our nearest towns, Newark-on-Trent. It was beautifully sunny and warm as you can see, and it was so nice to have the whole family with me!
I only painted one stationary boat so I'm not sure how effective that was for Jubilee practice really!
Today Tim and Milly have been filming me producing this painting, so I'm hoping to be able to show you that shortly via the wonders of YouTube. The marvels of modern technology eh?!


  1. Wow,that is great. Where is Newark can be located?

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  2. Just saw this one and it really jumped at me! Great Piece indeed! The light is fantastic!


Thank you for your words!

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