Saturday, May 26, 2012

Expressive colour workshop

Here's the girls slaving away enjoying the Expressive Colour workshop today! Great work done by all and some huge strides towards freeing up the way that they use colour in their paintings.
That's Sue's gorgeous Venice pic you can see nearest to you in the photo.
It was a beautiful day outside (as well as inside) and I promise if the weather's this nice when I do the plein air workshop (20th June) - I will bring Pimms! Maybe a few strawberries too!
(Yes there are still places available - don't all rush at once!)

Tonight my little chap Oscar played the drums at his first gig! (proud mum)
He only started learning in January and he loves it! I managed a quick sketch...

I must tell you my big news this weekend but not now because I'm too tired and ever-so-slightly deaf...

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