Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bold and bright!

I've been thinking about how much I love to use bold bright colours and I wanted to work on something really bright. This pot plant has survived, incredibly, in my hot conservatory studio for about four weeks now! I can hardly believe that a) I remember to give it water and b) it hasn't died of heat exhaustion!

This is oil on canvas, around 10" x 12" and it isn't finished, but I don't plan to do much more to it. I like the abstract qualities of it and am afraid that I will do too much 'describing' if I carry on much longer!

On Friday I will be teaching an 'expressive colour' workshop, which is going to be great fun! There are no spaces left on this one but there are still places available on my 'plein air' workshop on the 20th June.

BIG EVENT in June will be the Patchings Festival, near Nottingham, 14th - 17th inclusive, where I will be exhibiting and demonstrating for the first time! Do please come and say hi to me if you are coming along!

(pssst, there's another big event in June which I am going to tell you about shortly I promise!)

Other news today - Maisie escaped from the garden and went AWOL. When I finally picked her up in my car an hour later she looked like this... (and I won't even try to describe the smell to you!)


  1. Oh Haidee-Jo - don't do another thing - it's positively fabulous! Love the way you've seen this - and the stripes in the top left - the flowers - WOW!

  2. I agree! Leave it as it is! Love all the bright vivid colours!!!

  3. Oh Kim, you're absolutely right! Thank you! shall not touch it at all! X


Thank you for your words!

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